CUPE is at its strongest when we all work together

Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:
I am writing to share with you an important National Executive Board policy, adopted in December 2016, titled “Collective Bargaining: Resisting Concessions and Two-Tier Proposals, and Defending Free Collective Bargaining – Moving Forward”.

Download the policy
We all know that bargaining is getting tougher. Employers are demanding concessions and seeking two-tier provisions. Governments of all stripes are restructuring the services our members provide and looking for more ways to privatize those same services.

We also know that CUPE is at its strongest when we all work together. Our ability to defend collective bargaining rights, resist concessions and two-tier proposals, and move forward can only be accomplished when the National Officers, National Executive Board, chartered organizations, staff, and local leaders work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for our members.

The policy is similar to one first adopted in 2004. Given the attacks our members are facing, your NEB believed it was time to revisit and revive the policy. It sets out the broad parameters of CUPE’s plan to resist concessions and two-tier contract provisions and defend our rights to free collective bargaining.

In addition, the policy puts a new focus on bargaining protections for our members who do not have access to full-time, permanent work and are forced to work in precarious jobs. And it asks you to make addressing workplace violence a priority at the bargaining table.

In the first two months of this year, I have had the opportunity to engage members of our staff in discussions about the implementation of this policy. I know our staff are ready to support your local in the important work that lies ahead.

Please share this policy with your local executive and your bargaining committee, and talk to your national representative about developing a strategic plan for your next round of bargaining. It’s never too early to prepare!

I look forward to seeing you at division conventions this spring, where you will hear more from me about this renewed commitment.

In solidarity,

Mark Hancock

National President