Executive and stewards

How to contact your executive:


President:  Jamie Rose
Please leave a message


Vice President:  Candace Saunders
Riverview School

Recording Secretary: Denae Heaman
Betty Gibson

Treasurer:  Kim Giesbrecht
Betty Gibson

Shop Stewards:
Lead Shop Steward: Colleen Langlois
St. Augustine
Custodian Shop Steward: Scott Stapleton
Custodial Assistant Shop Steward: VACANT
Maintenance Shop Steward: Don Blagden
Transportation Shop Steward: VACANT
School Administrative Assistant Shop Steward: Sylvie Konkin
J. R. Reid
Education Assistant Shop Steward:

Education Assistant Shop Steward:

One Year Trustee: Sylvie Konkin
Two Year Trustee: Cynthia Price
Three Year Trustee: Don Blagden

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Committee Name e-mail
Education Committee Barb Gribben gribben.barb@bsd.ca
Friends of Education Candis Rose rose.candis@bsd.ca
Health & Safety Committee Heather Kryshewsky kryshewsky.heather@bsd.ca
Health & Safety Committee Jamie Rose rose.jamie@bsd.ca
Labour Management Jamie Rose rose.jamie@bsd.ca 
Labour Management Carol Gyselman cjgcupe737@gmail.com
Pension Committee Barb Gribben gribben.barb@bsd.ca
Pension Committee Robyn Romeril robynromeril@gmail.com
Scholarship Committee Joan Smith smith.joan@bsd.ca; Angie Smith smith.angela@bsd.ca; Carol Gyselman cjgcupe737@gmail.com
Social Committee Colleen Langlois langlois.colleen@bsd.ca
Social Committee Rosa Hutchings hutchings.rosa@bsd.ca


All these resources…. and more can be found on cupe.ca
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