BSD Intranet Portal

By now everyone has heard of the new Intranet Portal, or just commonly known as “The Portal”.  The Portal is your one stop shopping place so to speak.  You can find:

  • Your School Portal:
    • Your School Staffroom – A great place to start a discussion and see everyone’s responses!
    • Your School Calendar
    • Your School Documents
  • Resources:
    • Divisional Documents
    • Information from various departments
    • “How to” and walk throughs
    • Departmental Memos and Documents
    • Announcements and News Stories
    • Resources and PD Opportunities

….  And so much more!

A little bit of your time to browse = quickly and easily finding something when you really need it!  (wait for it…  the pdf is loading!)

Download (PDF, 1.57MB)