April 28, National Day of Mourning

day of mourning ribbon

Across Canada, April 28 has been designated the Day of Mourning.

Every year, workers, families, employers, and others come together at ceremonies held around the province to remember those who have lost their lives on the job, and re-new our commitment to creating safer workplaces.

Attending todays service form Local 737:
Jamie Rose, President; Kim Castle Vice President; Barb Gribben, Secretary Treasurer; Sylvie Konkin, Recording Secretary; and Heather Kryshewsky, Secretary Shop Steward/Central Health and Safety Representative

Here are some pictures from the Day of Mourning Service held at Brandon City Hall on April 28, 2016

IMG_4425Chairing today’s service: President of Brandon District Labour Council
(My apologies, didn’t catch her name, I can’t find it online.  If someone does know, please e-mail.  skcupe737@gmail.com)

IMG_4426Charlotte McWilliams, NAOSH:  North American Occupational Safety & Health

IMG_4432Kirk Carr – Nurses Aid.  Speaking about workers safety.  Important to do your daily jobs safely. It may not seem like much, but even he feels pain as a young worker from when he didn’t do various jobs the correct way.

IMG_4433Rick Crest, Mayor of Brandon.  Sites an example of when his own child was on a safety committee – it had a profound impact on day to day life and safety threats were pointed out at home.  Very happy to say that he’s glad this is being done in the Brandon School Division.


Sorry, didn’t catch his name, and can’t find it online.  If someone knows, please e-mail: skcupe737@gmail.com)

IMG_4440Addressing those who have passed this past year. 20 names were read, along with how they had passed.
Sorry, didn’t catch her name, couldn’t find it online.  If someone does know, please e-mail skcupe737@gmail.com)

Fight for the living Helping Henry Mourning Bench(Bench in Errol Black Park.)