E. A. Surplus Letters

2014 – 2015 Surplus Letters for Educational Assistants for 2015 – 2016

At the end of April all schools in BSD issued surplus letters to their Permanent Education Assistants (E.A.s) if there were no funded student for them to be assigned to. Principals met with their staff discussed the matter that funded students were either not funded anymore, funding may not have been approved at the time, students may have moved on to high school, or funding was not needed anymore for that student. Staff were also advised that Human Resources were going to send out a letter giving direction to all staff with options that they could choose from for placement.

Letters from the School Division did come out on Tuesday, May 26th in the morning courier. If you received a surplus letter from your school and did NOT receive a surplus letter from the School Division, please contact Human Resources via e-mail to confirm your status. If you received a letter from the School stating that you were only surplus 1/2 day, yet you received a letter from the School Division stating that you are surplus for your full day, again, please contact Human Resources via e-mail to confirm your status. In short, any discrepancies between the two – or lack there of, please contact Human Resources via e-mail.

Be sure to number all the choices provided on your letter according to your preference, and send it to the Division so that it arrives there by Thursday, June 4th, 2015. When you do receive your job assignment for the 2015-2016 School year, please ensure that it is correct. Ensure that you have the amount of hours that you are currently permanent for, if you sign for less – you will lose those hours on your permanent status.

Questions we have been asked so far:
• Question: If there is a job opening at my previous school that I was surplus from – will I have the opportunity to return?
o Answer: As a permanent employee you can always apply for any posting you like.

• Question: Currently there are term employees in my current building that are hoping a position opens after the permanent employees are re-assigned. Once I have my new permanent position, will I be able to apply for that position.
o Answer: A permanent employee can apply for any position, term or permanent.
The permanent employee does not lose their permanent status. They are a
permanent employee in a term position.

• Question: I currently have seniority in my building. Because of all the staff being surplus, does this mean I have lost the seniority in my building, and my seniority is based upon all support staff in the Division?
o Answer: All employees are employees of the Brandon School Division, NOT the
school they are assigned to.